Innovative Quad Monitor Stand #GGF-9120-D-28-FM

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Innovative Quad Monitor Stand #GGF-9120-D-28-FM

Quad Monitor Stand

The Model GGF-9120-D28-8111quad monitor stand allows the user to easily mount 4 LCD monitors.

    • Eco friendly furniture and sustainable furniture design includes 65% recycled aluminum content, 15% recycled steel content. 100% can be recycled at the end of it's useful life.
    • VESA compliant brackets (4) 75MM and (4) 100MM are included.
    • All four monitors will have height and angle adjustment.
    • Pole height: 28" high on standard metal pole.
    • Pulls out horizontally up to 14" for each arm.
    • Finished in black or silver.
    • Monitors easily positioned for maximum comfort.
    • Space saving design allows 3" space behind the monitor.
    • Friction control system provides smooth adjustment.
    • Mounts available for desk, wall, and panel systems.
    • Weight capacity: Up to 22 lbs. per arm.
    • The Flex Mount is included.
    • Click

here for the to see the Flex Mount kit.

    However, any other mount selected other than the Flex Mount, must be purchased separately. The Flex Mount can be installed in six different configurations: Desk Edge, Clamp Mount, Panel System Rear Edge, Grommet Hole Clamp Mount, Thru-Desk Mount, Wall Mount, Reverse Wall Mount.
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