Innovative Dual Monitor Stand #9112-D-28-FM-119

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Innovative Dual Monitor Stand  #9112-D-28-FM-119

Innovative Dual Monitor Stand

This dual monitor stand can be used with any LCD monitor that is Vesa compliant. Also use with the Apple 30" Cinema monitor.

  • Eco friendly furniture and sustainable furniture design includes 65% recycled aluminum content, 15% recycled steel content. 100% can be recycled at the end of it's useful life.
  • You will need two of the Apple mounting brackets. Order from Apple.
  • Includes FLEXmount. with 6 standard mounting options.
  • Mount 2 flat panels, one over another. Each monitor may be positioned independent of the other. Foldable arms adjust vertically up and down the 28" pole. The arms can fold up to fit in about 3" of space and extend out 14".
  • Arms rotate 360° at three joints.
  • Monitor tilter mechanisms can tilt over 200 degrees.
  • Adjustable tension at joints, ideal for touch screen applications.